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Collect anywhere

 Spend on almost anything

Employee appreciation schemes can often be anything but rewarding. With some schemes it can take real effort to get a reward. And, when an employee finally does get a reward, the choice can be limited, uninspiring and even unwanted. The Each Person employee appreciation scheme, fuelled by epoints, is different. epoints is a digital rewards currency that can be collected inside and outside of the workplace via a range of activities and can be spent on the widest range of rewards in the world.

 Collect in the workplace

Magic Moments

Recognise special moments, from birthdays and anniversaries to a simple thank you for a job well done.

Tangible Targets 

Reward employees for meeting targets, such as sales targets or completing training modules.

Living Well

Show employee appreciation to team members for looking after themselves and the planet.

 Top up via simple activities

Shop Online

Collect epoints online at thousands of UK retailers, including all the nation’s favourite stores.

Connect on social media

Earn epoints by connecting with us on social media

Shop on the High Street

 Collect epoints at 85,000+ high street stores via the epoints app.

Invite Friends

 Employees can earn epoints by inviting their friends to join us

Play Games

Employees can play fun online games to win epoints

Log in daily

 Earn epoints simply by logging into their epoints account daily

 And, via the epoints & bigDL apps

Employees can earn and spend epoints on the epoints app and also on our partner app, bigDL. The epoints app enables users to collect epoints while shopping at thousands of online retailers. Users can also spend their epoints on our wide range of rewards on the app.

Our partner app, bigDL, offers employees the very best view of discounts across the highstreet and online and employees can earn epoints by taking advantage of any of the deals available. epoints can also be earned while shopping on the high street. Employees simply need to take a snap of their reciept and upload it onto the app to earn points. The app also has gamification features, which enables users to win daily prizes, such as epoints bundles, as well as other fantastic prizes such as vouchers, gadgets and more.

Employee appreciation with the bigDL and epoints app

Spend on almost anything

The Each Person employee appreciation scheme offers many rewards to choose from

Epoints can be spent on the widest range of rewards in the world. From vouchers and experiences to beauty and electronics, there is something for everyone. Employees can search for specific rewards or they can browse our categories for inspiration. 

epoints can be exchanged for rewards when an employee has as little as just 250 epoints. They’ll get 50 epoints just for joining the scheme, so it takes no time at all to get a reward.

Each epoint is worth half a penny and unlike with many other reward schemes, the value of each epoint does not fluctuat

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