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How to send an ecard

1. Select “Employees” in the “Recognise” section

The simplest way to do this is from the Recognition Manager overview screen (the first screen when you log in). You simply need to click “Employees” (1) which appears in the section titled “Recognise”. You can also access this using the menu on the left-hand side. Click on “Recognise” (2) and a menu will drop down. From here, you just need to select “Employees” (3).

2. Select and write your ecard

At the top of the screen, you will see how many epoints you have been allocated to share with your team (1).

Select a reason for sending your ecard from the drop-down menu (2). Next, enter a personal message (3) that you wish to appear within the ecard. If you want to make this box bigger, you can click and drag down the symbol in the bottom right-hand corner of the box (4) to make it larger.

In the CC box (5), you should enter the email addresses of anyone you wish to be notified that an ecard has been sent (i.e. the recipient’s line manager). This is not your ecard recipient(s). If you need to enter more than one email address you should separate these using a comma or semi-colon.

Finally, select which design of ecard you wish to send (6). Once selected, a preview will be displayed above. When you are happy with your card and message, click “Next” (7) at the bottom of the form.

3. Award epoints (optional) and select recipients

To give epoints with your ecard, enter the amount you wish to give to each recipient (1) first of all. To send an ecard without points, just leave this blank. In the “Search for user” bar (2), you can search employees by name or email. Matches will appear as you type and you just need to click on them to add them. To remove a recipient, click the “x” by their name.

Alternatively, use the “Browse for user” table (3) which show all departments and teams. To send an ecard to a whole team, click “All” (4) on their department’s entry in the table. To cancel, click “Clear” (5).

To select certain members of a team, click “Choose” (6) next to the relevant team. A search bar will appear (7) which works in the same way as the “Search for user” bar above (2) but will only search for people within that team.

Once you’ve selected your recipients, you will see a summary (8) of how many epoints you are awarding (if any) and how many recipients the ecard will be sent to. Once you’re happy, click “Next” (9).

  • You will get an error at the top of the screen if you do not allocate enough points as a minimum or if you allocate more points than are available.

4. Review your ecard and send

The top half of the screen will give details of your ecard’s recipients and epoints to be awarded. To remove a recipient, click “Remove” (1) on their entry. If you are sending to a large group, you may not see all recipients on your screen but you can scroll through the list using the navigation arrows at the top and bottom (2).

The bottom half of the screen gives you a preview of your ecard. This includes the design chosen and below this, the personal message recipients will see when they open the ecard. To make further changes, you can go back through the previous screens using the “Back” (3) button.

Once, you’re happy, click “Send” (4). A screen will load showing the progress of your send. Once this has completed, the page will refresh and a message stating “Your points have been sent” will appear briefly in the top right-hand corner. Your recipient(s) will receive an email informing them that they have received an ecard. Any CC’d team members will also receive an email alert.

5. Ecard sent

Your recipient(s) will receive an email informing them that they have received an ecard. Any CC’d team members will also receive an email alert. They can click on the “See ecard & message” (1) which will redirect them to www.epoints.com where they can log in and view their ecard.

  • Employees can send ecards to their colleagues via their personal accounts on www.epoints.com as well. However, be aware that if you send an ecard in this way and send epoints, these epoints will be taken from your personal account rather than the allocation you have in the admin panel. If you want to use this pool of points, you have to send the ecard through control.epoints.com.

6. View past ecards sent (optional)

If you ever wish to view the history of ecards sent within your company, select “Employees” (2) under “History” (1) from either the Recognition Manager overview screen or the left-hand side menu. There is also a “History” button in the top right-hand corner when you’re sending an ecard which will take you here.

This page will show a screen displaying the total number of ecards sent, the total allocated epoints and the total value that has been allocated to the company. You will also find a table detailing each individual ecard, who it was sent from and to, the reason for the card as well as the quantity and value of epoints awarded.

You can also filter these results using the search features (3). Here you can search for ecards sent between specific dates, for ecards sent with a specific points quantity or points value, by individual sender or recipient or by department sender or recipient. If you make a mistake at any point, start over by clicking “Clear”. Once you’ve set your criteria, click “Search” and the overall figures at the top of the page as well as the listed results below will refresh to show only results matching your criteria.


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